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Welcome A New Fit: Michell & Ness 88 Haze

Welcome A New Fit: Michell & Ness 88 Haze

This brand new 88 Fit from Mitchell & Ness is here to take your headwear game from 0 to 100. Support your favourite sports team and rock a classic black in this new fit, which is overall 20% smaller than your normal 110 fit. 
The Crown Height & Depth are 20% Shallower, the Brim Length is 20% Shorter and the Circumference is 20% Smaller. This heat would be better suited to youth or women, however, anyone can rock a fit like this. 

Shop yours right now!

You can cop these killer hats for just 4 x AU $12.49 with Afterpay. 


Head to Culture Kings online right now to cop this heat before it sells out!

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