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Nana Judy 'Moment' Collection At Culture Kings

Nana Judy 'Moment' Collection At Culture Kings

Nana Judy's brand new collection, 'Moment', has just touched down in Culture Kings' stores and online.

The 'Moment' collection represents living in the moment. Nana Judy are known for throwing good times and have captured what it's like to experience these moments.

Nana Judy

The 'Moment' collection marks a decade of the brand. It's moments during this time that have enabled Nana Judy to evolve each piece in the collection and create signature looks.

The end result is an original and contemporary streetwear collection.

Like always, Nana Judy have set the boundaries of design aesthetic, innovation and quality.

This collection stays true to Nana Judy's original legacy yet pushes a new frontier like never before. 

Shop Nana Judy online at Culture Kings now.

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