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Offset vs. Chris Brown

Offset vs. Chris Brown

The war rages on. ICYMI, Offset started this beef when Chris Brown made fun of 21 Savage's immigration situation. When Offset called him "lame", Chris began to take shots at the Migos rapper. Now, he's taken it another step. 

"Don't consider myself gangsta," he wrote on IG. "But I promise the worst thing in the world is when a singing n***a got n****s scared to fade. and what's lame is n***a all in my comments worried about another n***a."

Brown recently shared screenshots of what he alleged was a conversation between him and Offset. In the back and forth, Brown encouraged Offset to come to his house: "Run me my fade stop actin' pussy." 

In an earlier response, Offset said to Brown: "Check my record and check yours only people you go toe to toe with is women that's for lame n****s."

 Check out the post below. 


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