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OKC Thunder Leadership Has Developed for Years!

OKC Thunder Leadership Has Developed for Years!

In a family, each sibling has their own personality, ideas and communication style. Some are older, some younger, but each has something to offer to the whole. For the Thunder, the four longest-tenured members of the team – Nick Collison, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka - serve as the older brothers, with key veterans like Anthony Morrow, Steve Novak and D.J. Augustin providing guidance as well. For Ibaka and Steven Adams, having nearly two-dozen siblings is ironically not too foreign of a concept considering their childhoods, but for NBA teams, just like families of that size, it can be an interesting dynamic to get all of those people on the same page. Billy Donovan, the Thunder’s leader on the sideline, has witnessed the team’s leadership dynamic first hand since joining the team five months ago. The quartet of long-time Thunder veterans weren’t simply anointed as leaders. In fact, in Oklahoma City, that is the type of thing that gradually develops over time and Donovan has seen and learned about the growth marks. What does this mean for the Thunder in 2015? only time will tell!
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