Rap and fashion superstar Playboi Carti recently stepped within the Culture Kings walls, bringing with him a crazy amount of hype and surprise album news. Welcomed by a huge reception of fans, Carti quickly got to catching up over a photo or signing before moving on to browsing the store. You can check out the photos from the appearance on our Facebook page.

With a longstanding history as one of raps most influential caretakers of fashion, Playboi Carti has more than once modelled for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Kanye West’s Yeezy series, VFiles and Drake’s OVO Lookbook, as well being featured in a commercial for Nike and walking the runway for Virgil Abloh.

Keeping that in mind, Carti’s receipt is sure to be as fresh as it gets.

First though, here’s everything you need to know about Playboi Carti’s exclusive interview with Culture Kings, marking one of the few times the rapper has taken to the Q&A stage.

The rapper took to questions while browsing the store, picking out kicks and hats while answering questions. Off the bat we asked him what the best part of being a performer and hearing you name was, to which Carti responded:

“It’s them man, the fans, know what I’m saying?”

After a few rounds back and forth, we checked in on where he’s from and what he’d be doing if he wasn’t rapping, this was the answer

“I’m from Atlanta, if I’m not working on music it would be basketball.”

Without a doubt that one needed a follow up, so we asked how good he reckons he is, to which Carti answered an “8 out 10”. A pretty bold assessment, Carti quickly followed by taking to the court and going for gold.

One last sneak peak, we asked Carti what’s up next for him after it’s all said and done, and got an immediate response of making sure his family is well enough off that in five years it isn’t all gone.

Oh, and we got some info on the upcoming 'Whole Lotta Red' album drop, which you can check out in the video below.

Based on the hints and concrete info, it sounds like the album is virtually ready to go, pending mastering and production with various producers. 

"I'm working with hundreds of producers, everyday"

Playboi Carti also made it clear he's "got bars" and that it was a definite focus of 'Whole Lotta Red'. This is a pretty clear indication that new Carti music might have more of a lyrical rap focus than a hook/hype focus, but knowing Carti, he'll find a way to weave it all together. The master of catchy tracks you bop to, there's no way he'll be leaving all that behind. 

It's likely Carti wants to show up critics claiming what he lacks in lyricism he makes up in heat. Although true that Carti's tracks are fire, he might want to do a bit of show and tell with bars.

Back to the styling, Playboi Carti picked up a stack of goods, including black on black Pusha T Ozweegos, detailed with neon green finishes, as well as Adidas Supercourts in grey and silver, Air Force 1 MID ‘07s in white on white, Air Jordan 1 MIDs also in white on white, Timberland Boots in black and unsurprisingly with so many kicks, upwards of 10 pairs of socks to go with it, courtesy of Stance , Common and Lacoste.

Other buys included a Lower QRS Bel-Air Tee in gold, a New Era Yankees Snapback with a leather and suede design, a Pittsburgh Vegan Leather A-frame, a Nike Sportswear Swoosh Tee and a Champion Rev Weave Crewneck in black.

Check out the full collection here.

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