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Feel The Power Of Puma Thunder Electrics

Feel The Power Of Puma Thunder Electrics

Lightning has struck at Culture Kings in the form of Puma Thunder Electrics. These dope kicks are a mixture of layered materials, hot sparks of colour and flashes of chrome, now available in two new colourways. 

Get amongst the Black/white/orange and black/grey/blue colourways, ready to elevate your style. These McQueen-inspired trainers feature colour-contrasting, a thick, multi-layered midsole, a heel tab for easy pull off and bold, blown-up proportions. Following the chunky sneaker trend, the 90's inspired Thunder Electric is sport meets streetwear. 

Puma Thunder Electric

Puma Electrics

Head to Culture Kings online to cop a pair of Thunder Electrics for yourself. 

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