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Pusha T Has Dropped A Hip-Hop App

Pusha T Has Dropped A Hip-Hop App

When Pusha T isn't trying to destroy Drake, he's actually pretty productive. According to The Hollywood Reporter, King Push has teamed up with Summer Watson, tech entrepreneur, to release a music app titled 'heir'. The app's purpose is to connect artists with their fans, where users can rate songs for money and prizes. 

Using fire and skull emojis, fans vote on songs. If the rating then reflects the general taste of the other users, they will be rewarded with a digital currency named 'Crown'. This means if you're voting well on a majoritively-popular track or voting poorly on an unpopular tune, you get coin. If you do the opposite, you use it. 

The site describes it as "when everyone eats, everyone wins".

Users can then cash out their Crown or use it to buy NFS items like tours or releases. Alternatively, lesser-known artists can use Crown to buy the attention of the top voters who can then provide feedback. 

You can learn more about heir and sign up for early access here.

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