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Rats Get Fat Wilson Arbis Series

Rats Get Fat Wilson Arbis Series

Artists who contribute designs to Rats Get Fat represent a collection of hardworking individuals drunk on good times, refusing to fall in-line and conform. The next artist in line is Wilson Arbis. This is the second series with Rats Get Fat for Wilson Arbis who is an emerging visual artist from Sydney, Australia. His art practice involves tattooing, painting, illustration and creating three-dimensional sculptures using layers of resin and acrylic paint. His primary styles although not limited to are inspired by Japanese motifs, neo-traditional and photo-realism which is evident in all his evolving techniques. Arbis and Rats Get Fat have collaborated to produce a standout new artist series that is sure to be a fast seller. Do the right thing and secure your favourite selection today before it's to late, don't be the one to miss out!.

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