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Read The Latest From A$AP Rocky Right Here

Read The Latest From A$AP Rocky Right Here

One of our favourites here at CK, A$AP Rocky, recently sat down with the Gentleman's Journal to discuss business, his success, social media and his creative process. 

Starting off, he said: “It’s been a long night, long day, long few years, man. But that’s the way I like it.”

On business & success...

 “All my business endeavours, and all my musical endeavours, all my artistic endeavours — it all comes natural. I’m a renaissance man. I just do my thing. It’s some gnarly radical shit, but we get this shit going. Sometimes I contemplate whether I should act differently when I get there. But then I think that when you live a crazy lifestyle you get accustomed to it, and it’s just the norm."

“Obviously I wasn’t born privileged or with success in easy reach. So I had to develop into the man that I’ve become and the man that I’m becoming.”

On social media...

“Social media is different strokes for different folks. It’s been like this for quite some time now. Everything repeats and comes full circle, it’s just different ways of getting it out there. What’s important is what you want to say. And regardless of whether you think it comes out whack or lit, I don’t mind — I just want people to know that that is truly how I feel at that moment.”

On his Creative Process...

Rocky told the magazine that he microdosed on LSD under the laboratory conditions of a neuroscientist, specifically to produce the song Praise the Lord with Skepta.

“This scientist wanted to see the conditions of our brains when we were writing these song on LSD. It was a wild new way to do things” — testing in every sense of the word.

The advice he has...

“I don’t know what to tell anybody out there because it’ll sound like some corny motivational shit. But all I can do is be me the most, and hope they do the same. I got a goofy side, I got a cool side, I got a handsome side, I got a nerdy side, I got a ghetto side, I got an elegant side, I got an eloquent side, I speak in ebonics…There’s so many factors that make me as a whole, but I’m not afraid to express all the parts that make me who I am. So, in other words, be your fucking self, and the rest is pretty easy.”  

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