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Russ Continues To Live The Dream On Debut Australian Tour

Russ Continues To Live The Dream On Debut Australian Tour

Coming up next week is Atlantan rapper, Russ’ debut Australian tour set to hit major cities around the nation.

Russ has created his own unique music style merging East Coast hip hop, hammock-rocking reggae, whiskey-soaked Southern rock and soul-scarred R&B. But when asked how he would describe his style of music, he says: “I would describe it as everyday life music”.

“I’m not going to put a label on it,” he adds.

“People be doing that shit too much. At the end of the day we’re just making good-as music, great melodies, [...] real messages, real shit that real people in real life can relate to.”

Russ will be bringing his 'Real Fans Tour' to Australia, marking his first ever visit to the country.

“I think it’s going to be crazy. For a long time people have been hitting me up from down there and I’ve been saying ‘I need to get to Australia, I need to get to Australia’,” says Russ.

He will also be bringing his mum along with him for the trip and he says she is “hellbent on holding Koalas” while they’re here.

Since signing with Columbia Records last year, Russ’ audience is continuing to grow but he says it hasn’t affected the way he works.

“Nothing has really changed for me.

“There’s more resources though. [...] It’s cool. Nothing has changed in a negative way. Just with that added on,” he explains.

One thing Russ has become known for is his diverse set of skills that allow him to be very hands on for every one of his tracks; writing, mixing and engineering them all himself.

“I do it because it’s super important to me and because no one knows what I want to get more than me. No one knows me better than myself,” he says.

He also plays just about every instrument on all of his tracks begging the question: ‘how many instruments can Russ play? He answered instead with a quote by John Lennon, saying: “I’m an artist. If you bring me a Tuba, I’ll create something”.

“There’s songs on my Soundcloud with the Ukulele. Can I play the Ukulele? Well, yeah, but I have no idea what I’m doing,” Russ says.

“I play it but I just transfer whatever. I could play a recorder if I wanted, I could dabble on the drums, I could play bass, I could play piano.

“I think if you literally give me any instrument I’ll be able to make a song out of it.”

Russ will be bringing all his talent and more to Australia and New Zealand with his 'Real Fans Tour' with a two-and-a-half- to three-hour set and says: “there’s definitely going to be vibes coming, that’s for sure”.

“It’s going to be crazy. Real fans are going to come out. It’s going to be epic. You’re going to see videos of the shows the day after. It’s going to be crazy as shit. [...] We’re going to continue to live the dream, period.”

11 Apr - Metro Theatre (Sydney)
12 Apr - The Tivoli (Brisbane)
13 Apr - The Prince (Melbourne)
15 Apr - The Studio (Auckland)
17 Apr - Jack Rabbit Slim's (Perth)

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