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Saint Morta Jewellry To Die For

Saint Morta Jewellry To Die For

Saint Morta are constantly upping their accessory game with each release and have now grown their collection to include all the essentials from rings and bracelets to necklaces.

Some new accessories to take note of in the Saint Morta range are the Rose Of Death Ring, Braided Dual Leather Bracelet and Scythe 2 Ring.

The Rose Of Death Ring is a gold stainless-steel, flat-top ring design. The main feature, as suggested in the name, is the rose-print design on the top. The Rose Of Death Ring is 14 millimetres at it's thickest point and also has internal Saint Morta branding.

According to Saint Morta, everything is better in pairs and they have illustrated this with their new Braided Dual Leather Bracelet. This bracelet has two genuine leather braided bands with a sliding magnetic closure.

Adding to Saint Morta's ring collection is the Scythe 2 Ring. This ring is silver with black detailing and also has the Saint Morta logo in the centre and internal Saint Morta branding. The other main feature of this ring is the visible internal weave. 

Check out the full Saint Morta Accessory range online and in stores at Culture Kings.

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