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Saint Morta Sleeveless Hoods Are Here

Saint Morta Sleeveless Hoods Are Here

Sleeveless hoodies are the latest trend this coming season and Saint Morta have just dropped a whole bunch of them at Culture Kings. 

Sleeveless Hoodie

Sleevelss hoodies are perfect for autumn because you can wear them in both warm and cold weather. The sleeveless design ensures that you're not too covered and therefore likely to overheat when it's warm. When it does grow cold, however, tees and outerwear like coats and jackets can be stylishly layered with a sleeveless hoodie. 

Sleeveless Hoodie

Saint Morta sleeveless hoodies are 100% cotton and feature dual side pockets and a curved hemline.

Saint Morta sleeveless hoodies are available in three designs: 'Saint Morta Idols/Rivals', 'Youth Noise' and the Saint Morta logo and come in pale green, off white, black, brown, grey and beige. 

Sleeveless Hoodie

Cop a Saint Morta sleeveless hoodie in stores or online at only at Culture Kings. 

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