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What Is The Sharp Shooter Challenge?

What Is The Sharp Shooter Challenge?

Currently located in our Pacific Fair store, the CK Sharp Shooter Challenge is an in-store, custom-made basketball court complete with an 18-k gold net and is coming to Melbourne very soon.

CK Sharp Shooter Challenge

By simply sinking 10 shots in a row on the Sharp Shooter Challenge, you could win coveted sneakers, premium experiences or limited edition CK gear.

It's not that easy though, in order to be eligible to try your hand on the Sharp Shooter Challenge you must spend $300 or more in store at Culture Kings Pacific Fair first. 

CK Sharp Shooter Challenge

A new store is coming to Melbourne next month and not only will it include the famous CK Sharp Shooter Challenge, it will also be our biggest yet so stay tuned for more information.

Never shot before? Don't worry, we have prizes for everyone. So give it a shot and visit Culture Kings at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre today and get ready for the CK Sharp Shooter Challenge to hit Melbourne.

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