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'Since When' Don't You Need New Thing Thing?!

'Since When' Don't You Need New Thing Thing?!

The brand new Thing Thing World Exclusive 'Since When' Capsule is dropping at Culture Kings 6pm CDT, Thursday 2nd August. Are you ready to feel that exclusive heat? With a wide range of winter essentials including jeans, hoods, jackets, tees and track pants, there will be no shortage of Thing Thing style in your life as you cop a much-needed wardrobe update. 

Choose your styles from:
  • E.R.F.A Jacket Black/Grey
  • E.R.F.A Navy/Maroon
  • Riddick Track Jacket Maroon/Black
  • Riddick Track Jacket Emerald Green
  • HB Level Hoody Black
  • HB Level Hoody Blood
  • HB Level Hoody Forest Green
  • Mid LS Tee Emerald Green
  • Mid Tee Black
  • Mid Tee Emerald Green
  • Alt Jean Light Blue
  • Riddick Track Pant Maroon/Black
  • Riddick Track Pant Green
  • HB Track Short Forest Green

Thing Thing

Thing Thing

Sign up to the Culture Kings Releases Page to cop a notification the second this collection drops and get to Culture Kings online at 6pm CDT. 

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