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Culture Kings has teamed up with the iconic hoops magazine, SLAM, in our first ever NFS (Not-For-Sale) collaboration! By spending $100 USD at Culture Kings, you are eligible to cop a world exclusive SLAM t-shirt free of charge!

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The History of SLAM

Long before the connection between basketball and hip-hop had become a given, a hip-hop magazine for basketball was born.

It was 1994 and the foundations that both art forms stand on today had been undergoing heavy construction thanks to the work of icons like Michael Jordan, Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.

SLAM accurately captured how language, whether it was written, performed or designed, was changing. It stood out because it represented the love of the game with an authenticity that other mainstream outlets couldn’t sniff.

Stories were told about ballplayers—but not just about them playing ball.

The cover quickly became prime real estate when players like MJ, Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant repeatedly agreed to pose for now-legendary photos, and the tradition continued when LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and many others led the next generation of cover stars.

The game and culture evolved and grew, but the SLAM cover remained the Holy Grail, and in 2016 Canadian superstar Drake became the first entertainer to grace the cover, doing so alongside Raptors Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan. In 2021, J. Cole became the first artist to do it solo.

With SLAM exemplifying the core values that Culture Kings was built on, the SLAM x Culture Kings collaboration was born. 

What is NFS? 

NFS, short for Not-For-Sale, is an initiative Culture Kings has been running for the past few years, where we reward our customers for shopping with us, with limited edition merchandise. NFS at Culture Kings has become iconic, growing in both popularity and value over time. 

To be eligible, you must spend over the required value in one transaction. You will not receive the NFS item if you spend the required amount over multiple orders. 

NFS promotions are while stocks last so double-check your cart before checking out to see if you can claim your gifts! If you don't see any gifts at the bottom of your cart, there's a high chance we are completely sold out at the time.

Customers must add the NFS items to their cart before checking out!  

Below is a past example of NFS 


Ok so now you know what NFS is, let's look into what you can get with this SLAM collaboration. 

This collaboration is a US-only NFS exclusive, meaning you lucky customers are the special ones. When you spend over $100 USD online at Culture Kings, you can earn a World Exclusive SLAM T-Shirt that will be available no where else in the world.

This makes the items extremely valuable, with the potential for it to go up in value over time. 

Also, it does look pretty cool featuring the iconic Championship ring, with SLAM detailing. The cool thing about this tee is that its finished off with one of our world renowned vintage washes, giving you that throwback vibe without sacrificing quality. 

So head online to Culture Kings today and spend over $100 USD and you can get yourself an NFS SLAM x Culture Kings graphic tee! 

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