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How To Clean Your Sneakers Using Sneaker LAB

How To Clean Your Sneakers Using Sneaker LAB

All sneaker heads would know the pain of trying to get those dirty stains off your favourite pair of white sneakers. By now, you probably have a stack of different sneaker care products lined up in your cupboard and yet nothing seems to work. Culture Kings would like to proudly introduce to you Sneaker LAB - the shoe care products designed to keep your shoes looking fresher for longer. 

Here are Sneaker LAB sneaker care essentials you must have. 

1. Sneaker Cleaner 
This sneaker cleaner hyper accelerates the breakdown of dirt and continues to clean long after use. This is a natural sneaker cleaner which is non-soap based, sustainable and environmentally friendly. It's also safe to use on all materials and is suitable as a suede sneaker cleaner or canvas sneaker cleaner.  

2. Sneaker Protector
This protective sneaker shoe spray formula protects shoes at a molecule level by forming a lasting invisible layer on your sneaker. This protector also acts as a water repellent spray and a barrier against dirt and stains. 

3. Odor Protector
Something we all need, this odor protection solves the nasty issue of foot odor. The odor refreshes and protects your shoes from unwanted foot odor through a mixture of natural elements and beneficial bacteria. Don't be afraid to run around in your sneakers all day. 

4. Leather Care
This leather protection helps to restore that fresh 'new shoe' look. This product also protects your shoes from UV rays and creates a water-resistant seal.  

These Sneaker LAB shoe care kits are very simple to use and will leave you never having to worry about your dirty shoes again. 

Be sure to check out all Sneaker LAB packs at Culture Kings online and in stores now.

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