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Spectacles by Snapchat - The Future Is Here

Spectacles by Snapchat - The Future Is Here

This is the beginning of a new era, one where first hand experiences are freely shared and the ability to transform your reality is readily available. It's time to unleash Spectacles 3 by Snapchat directly to the Culture Kings' shelves, alongside the Sapphire, Nico, Veronica and aptly named Onyx Moonlight. The latest version, version 3, show a surreal technology leap like never before, delving into a world eerily reminiscent of science fiction. 

Snapchat have truly outdone themselves. After years of experimenting with the Snapchat app, constantly maintaining relevance and market prevalence, they've gone ahead and collated the findings with a futuristic twist in the form of Snapchat Spectacles. Spectacles 3 are a cut above the rest in terms of features, combing all previous elements with later revisions, while all benefit from several of the below. 

Augmented Reality? Yes.

3D Recording capabilities? Yes.

Video to VR capabilities? Yes.

Crisp, 60fps video with high fidelity audio? Yes.

HD 1728 x 1728 Photography? Yes.

Bluetooth, wireless connectivity and 4G of built in storage? Yes.

Sounds like a dream come true, right? Forget holding your phone to snap the show, say goodbye to fumbling your passcode or face-scan to get that dream shot. And honestly, say hello to living in the moment again AND getting it on camera at the same time. It's a win-win. Only, it's at the small cost of $620. Snap, that's something. But they're not just sunnies, they're not just a fancy way to record. This is essentially the latest GoPro in the form of fashionable sunnies, wired into your favourite social media, stepped up with VR and AR capability, without the clumsy SD card connection and as organic as it gets in terms of first hand POV experience.

I know I've made up my mind, now it's your turn.

Here's a highlight reel taking full advantage of that crisp, 60fps footage, and this is only the beginning... 

If you're not sure what AR is or you sort of are but not really, it stands for Augmented Reality. Here's an easy example. Open Snapchat and pick any face filter, that's AR. It's pretty cool. Now imagine the world around you transformed, filtered and augmented with digital additions like something out of Black Mirror, except a lot less ah, violent. It might sound extreme, but it makes for a hyper surrealistic experience that can be incredibly exhilarating, imagine being at a festival, or a rainforest, or an aquarium,'d be a never ending list. Check some user generated content down below and remember, what's captured is literally what's being seen.

Speaking of festivals, what would it be like? Say, at Burning Man?


And of course, let's not forget the 90% of Snapchats going back and forth daily. The random experiences you just had to share, no special effects, just a direct showcase of your real world POV to those around you. Save them on a hard drive and you've suddenly got a time machine of memories to look back on one day, shot exactly how you saw it the first time.


All in all, Snapchat Spectacles have the potential to transform how we use social media, and a lot of it looks to be awesome. The Spectacles will be hitting the shelves this Tuesday the 25th of February, available worldwide and in stores. Just make sure you get in quick if you're hoping to grab a pair, as they're very limited stock. Check out the designs down below:


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