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Status Society's Latest Brings Courtside Heat

Status Society's Latest Brings Courtside Heat

This new capsule from Status Society embodies all things mid-winter with blacks and olive tones, arriving in the form of two colourways of track pants and two colourways of bodysuits. 

Status Society made waves when it dropped its first collection earlier this year. From Shani Grimmond to Sam From The Area, influencers left, right and centre were rocking Status like it was going out of style. Luckily, it's impossible for something as dope as the Status Society label to ever go out of style, and this is proven in their brand new Court Capsule.

Choose from the:

Status Society Court Capsule

Status Society was designed with 3 key principles in mind: Pushing boundaries, self-expression and trendsetting. Influenced by social media, street style and pop culture, Status Society is bold, universal, essential and forward-thinking. 

Head to Culture Kings online to get some pieces for yourself!

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