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Super Cruel Summer Is Coming

Super Cruel Summer Is Coming

It's not uncommon for producers to team up but it's a rare occasion when they permanently join forces and Australian super-duo Super Cruel have done just that.

Super Cruel is a combination of Adelaide producer Tigerilla (Matt Khabbaz) and former Sydney two-piece-turned-soloist, Porsches (Jesse Sewell) who have been creating some serious momentum since the release of their debut single 'November', featuring Lisa Mitchell.

"Jesse and I were writing a lot together before we became a duo," explains Matt, aka Tigerilla. "There was just a good chemistry and a good bond and we enjoyed working together." 

It was Tigerilla's manager that suggested the pair actually take their partnership seriously and before they knew it, Super Cruel had taken off. "A lot of people jumped on board very quickly. It’s very hard in this industry for the stars to align and they felt like they were," said Matt.

Most recently, Super Cruel have had the privilege of remixing Major Lazer's hit 'Know No Better'. "We basically put it together and it was never a sure thing until the Major Lazer team got to hear it. Once we’d made our version … they gave the all clear, they really loved it and here we are," explained Matt.

"We tried to take [the remix] out of the realms of [what it was] and make something quite polarizing compared to the original. We took the original sounds, the original vocals and the original direction and tried to flip that on it’s head. The original song is quite upbeat so we thought 'why don’t we try and make it the big club version of that'."

Super Cruel went off at Splendour In The Grass recently and are gearing up for Spilt Milk festival this November. They're also getting excited for the release of their second single. "I don’t want to give away too much just yet ... but it’s definitely an evolution for us," explained Matt. "So it still sits within our brand and fits within our sound but I think we’ve tried to grow a little bit on a bigger scale." 

Aside from Spilt Milk, a new single and a few spot shows here and there, Super Cruel have also kept busy working on a bunch of remixes including one for Lil Yachty, which they plan to include in their live set. 

With a lot going on both together and separately, Matt and Jesse have big plans for Super Cruel's future and we can't wait to see what the summer holds for them.

"It’s still a watch this space. We’ve got plenty to look forward to over the next little while with a new single coming soon and hopefully everyone can enjoy it."

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