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Sweater Weather Is Here Ladies

Sweater Weather Is Here Ladies

We all know there's nothing better than getting cozy during the winter in an oversized jumper or hood. Most of the time you're either stealing your boyfriend's hoodie or stashing one away from that friend that stayed over last weekend so you can cuddle up on the couch and binge-watch the latest season on Netflix, right?

Well now there's no reason to go to all that effort when you can simply buy a perfect oversized sweater of your very own.

Introducing the Saint Morta Monogram Oversized Sweater. With an oversized fit and long sleeves, this sweater also has dropped shoulders and elastic neck, cuffs and hem.

Saint Morta Monogram Sweater

Made from 100% cotton for soft and comfortable wearability, the Monogram Oversized Sweater is available in grey, brown, beige, mud orange, pale green and black.

Made from the same silhouette and design, but featuring different Saint Morta embroidery branding, is the Gothic Oversized Sweater which also looks great paired with some thigh-high boots.

Saint Morta Monogram Oversized Sweater

Take a look at the full range of Saint Morta outerwear online at Culture Kings today to find your next oversized sweater heading into winter. 

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