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News — Nixon

MUST COP WATCHES: Up Your Wrist Game With Nixon, G-Shock, Casio & More

Culture Kings has an insane collection of iced-out watches for you to up your accessory...

Everyone Needs A Nixon In Their Life

Nixon have recently made a resurgence and have a collection of team-designed, custom-built watches you...

Culture Kings Opens At Chadstone...TODAY

Today's the day! Culture Kings' officially opens at Australia's fashion capital, Chadstone Shopping Centre. Culture...

Culture Kings Opens At Chadstone Tomorrow

Culture Kings are opening at Chadstone Shopping Centre tomorrow and are celebrating with their biggest...

Nixon 'The Mission' Android Wear Watch

Nixon has jumped into the world of smartwear devices and released their very own smartwatch titled...

Nixon Watches available now at Culture Kings

Nixon make the little things better. The stuff you have that isn't noticed first, but...

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