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The O'Neill Twins Smash The #PepRally Challenge

The O'Neill Twins Smash The #PepRally Challenge

Back in the game with a brand new single, Missy Elliot has encouraged her fans to send in their best dance videos to her latest single 'Pep Rally'. It comes as no surprise that the videos have been rolling in thick and fast since the challenge was set, but the one that has caught the attention on Missy has been a duo by the name of The O'Neill twins. Undoubtedly twins and undeniably both highly skilled dancers, these two took to Culture Kings Sydney to shoot the video for this highly addictive song. The video highlights the dancers and the song perfectly and having Culture Kings as the backdrop really takes it to the next level. Congratulations to the twins who will hopefully go on to win the Pep Rally challenge and gain worldwide recognition for their talent.

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