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The Weeknd Sued For $5 Million Over 'Starboy'?!

The Weeknd Sued For $5 Million Over 'Starboy'?!

One of 2016's anthems was 'Starboy', the famous The Weeknd and Daft Punk collaboration and lead single of the 'Starboy' album. According to TMZ, a Somalian singer is claiming the song was a ripoff of her own track released in 2009. 

Yasminah, a Somalian singer, poet and songwriter is suing both The Weeknd and Daft Punk for at least $5 million, alleging they modelled their track off her song 'Hooyo'. 

Let's break it down. Here is 'Hooyo' by Yasminah, followed by 'Starboy' by The Weeknd. 

As Complex points out, the flow and tempo of the songs are very similar. Documents in the lawsuit claim that blogs write about the similarity, although these blogs are not to be found. Even with the similarities, this will be a hard case to win for Yasminah. 

The two producers of 'Hooyah' have previously threatened lawsuits but settled for undisclosed amounts - Yasminah didn't receive a cut of these payouts hence her own lawsuit. 

Keep it on lock for more info as it drops. 

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