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These City Script 9Forties Are Cleeean

These City Script 9Forties Are Cleeean

The World Exclusive 9Forty A-Frame City Script Collection is landing at Culture Kings at 9am AEST, 29th March to up your headwear game. Better yet, the design is an exclusive to Culture Kings as it sports the CK 9Forty A-Frame fit. 

Culture Kings has one of the biggest and most varied ranges of New Era headwear on the planet, with all types of fits for any head. If you really want to elevate your fit and kick it up a notch, you have to get on our New Era CK 9Forty A-Frame, which features a fit that has been developed by our team here at Culture Kings. We put hours upon hours of research into how a 9Forty A-Frame fits best, so we made our cap deeper with a better fitting crown. Down to the millimetre, we have ensured that this is the best fitting hat in the world. 

Cop your new fit tomorrow!

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