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Tory Lanez Remixes 21 Savage's 'A Lot'

Tory Lanez Remixes 21 Savage's 'A Lot'

Tory Lanez has taken on 21 Savage‘s J. Cole collab 'a lot' and billed it as a freestyle, referening the urrent 21 Savage immigration sitation. The track, titled 'Free 21 Freestyle', was inspired by a video of 21's daughter that Lanez saw.  

“I saw a video of his lil’ daughter this mornin’, it made me so happy to see / Happy her daddy was on the television, acceptin’ awards and actually free / Let’s keep it real, we ain’t finna lie, I think everybody laughed at the memes / And then I realized that that shit is mean,” Tory Lanez raps. “You can’t be jokin’ ’bout somebody’s freedom / Most of these people don’t know the severity of a situation, know where they hearin’ it / All of the blogs that filter the good and cater the bad, man, we need some clearer shit / I’m on a mission to find me some clarity.”

“I don’t know what we need to do as a community but let’s figure this out and do our best to help the homie in whatever ways we can,” Tory Lanez added in a note posted to Instagram. Press play on the freestyle below!

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