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We’re best known for three things at Culture Kings – Music, sport and streetwear, and we’re about to jack up the music side of things more than it already is. After years of prolific artists like Drake, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Big Sean, Nas, G-Eazy, Tyga and many, many more coming through the doors, we’ve decided to give the Vintage Music side of things a massive re-up. Without, of course, letting the modern scene take any hits. Everybody wins, right?

If you haven’t already checked it out, here’s a direct link to our current Vintage Music Merch collection, in the process of being beefed up like you wouldn’t believe, but already stacked with merch from the likes of Nirvana, Metallica, Biggie and more. We want to take it a step further, so we’re drafting new tour merch for the OG’s still touring - ready in time for you to rep it live and first-hand with the band or artist -  as well as the ones still somehow not on the CK list that we know you all love. Does AC/DC ring any bells?

First one the touring list? Iron Maiden. They’re dropping into Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and several other Australasian destinations which you can check out here. Already on the shelves, you can cop a stack of official Iron Maiden merch direct from our artist collection, including vintage designs, signature logo on minimal print designs, full-blown album graphics and many more. Cop yours now before the show.

Dropping soon are official releases for AC/DC on March 6, as well as new official merchandise for Lionel Richie & The Backstreet Boys. We’re going all out here with the release calendar, so keep an eye on it yourself in case one of your favourite bands crop up on the list.

To go hand-in-hand with the new merch madness, we’ve also done up a Concert Calendar Spotify playlist to get the hype flowing in the lead up to new live shows. Cop a tee and queue up the hits to really get you in the mood. 

All tees are unisex in design, so never fear of missing out. Ladies, it’s always a possibility to go a few sizes up and cop it as a dress over leggings or stockings and a pair of shorts, while guys it’s never been easier to pair your merch with a stack of new joggers, jeans, sneakersheadwear or accessories.

Watch this space, because we’ll update it regularly with music news and new concert info.



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