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What You Need To Know About CK Mayhem

What You Need To Know About CK Mayhem

May is a crazy month for Culture Kings, this week especially because we're running all of our biggest promotions at once.

You may have seen a pre-release on Snapchat at the start of the week, but now, you can access huge sales running in stores and online.

Our most popular '3 For $50' sale is back up and running along with the famous '2 For $99' deal with all-new collections to choose from.

We're also running a '2 For $60' promotion exclusive to online so you can really make the most of some of our best sellers for less.

Not only that, theres also a bunch of reduced footwear to choose from and if you spend $120 on the Last Kings' collection, you'll receive a FREE Box Tutt Tee.

Spend $250 or more on the top-selling Carré collection and you'll pick up a FREE Voyageurs Backpack as well. 

We also have one of our biggest Not-For-Sale goods up for grabs at the moment as well. For all orders in store and online over $300 you'll receive the CK Boujee Bathrobe and Slippers. Now, you can also receive the CK Boujee Bathrobe and Slippers as well as the CK gold and black Duffle Bag for all orders over $500.

So get clicking and shop online or head in stores to make the most of these CK Mayhem deals.

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