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Who's Visited Culture Kings Lately?

Who's Visited Culture Kings Lately?

All Culture Kings' stores across the country are often welcoming big names through their doors. From music to sporting stars, the past few weeks have been no exception and here are just a few names to drop into Culture Kings lately.

Dillon Francis
American producer Dillon Francis dropped into Culture Kings Melbourne and had a lot of fun with fans and staff. He even bought enough gear to cop a Boujee Bathrobe and Duffle Bag. Check out the gallery on CK Melbourne's Facebook page.

Dillon Francis

Seth Sentry
Australian hip-hop artist Seth Sentry also visited our Melbourne store to check out our best sellers. He ended up earning himself a CK token and using it on the CK Holy Grail machine and was lucky enough to take home a CK X Spalding limited edition Not-For-Sale Basketball.

Seth Sentry

Yellow Claw
Dutch producers Yellow Claw touched down at Culture Kings, Sydney recently and not only checked out what we have to offer but also spent a lot of time catching up with fans for an exclusive meet and greet. They also jumped on the decks to show us their skills. Check out the full gallery on CK Sydney's Facebook page.

Yellow Claw

Crazy rap duo $uicideboy$ took Culture Kings by storm as well when they dropped into the Brisbane store for an exclusive meet and greet. They also tried their hand on the CK Holy Grail machine and managed to earn themselves a pair of Zebra adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2s.


Golden Lions
We also have our fair share of sporting stars drop into Culture Kings on the weekly and we were lucky enough to meet the Golden Lions rugby team straight out of Johannesburg, South Africa, at our Melbourne store.

Golden Lions

Keep your eyes on Culture Kings' store Snapchat accounts to see who might be dropping into a Culture Kings' store near you.

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