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Winter Isn't Done With Fashion Yet!

Winter Isn't Done With Fashion Yet!

In a year where we saw an admittedly late start to the colder months, it seems that it will be sticking around for a bit longer yet. Don't pull out the singlets and pluggers just yet as cities through the South East of Australia and in New Zealand are still being hit with the lower temps. With Melbourne & New Zealand in the 10-15 degree range and Sydney barely reaching the 20's, this weather is the perfect time to be layering your wardrobe and keeping warm in style. Get a longer shirt under a slightly shorter one, chuck a pair of black leggings under some knee-high shorts or maybe a hoodie under that trusted bomber jacket you love so much. Whatever layering option you decide to go with, the stage is set for your best looks yet. Hit up the Looks section for some inspiration and pick up some new options today Online at Culture Kings.

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