Men's Slip-On

The alternative to lows, mids and highs taking over across the world, Slip-Ons are the low-key option for everything from festivals to the beach, the bar and the city. Recently exploding in variety, Men's Slip-Ons are now available in a stack of colorways, silhouettes and branss, offering that sought-after diversity and personalised fit. 

Cop higher profile, premium construction slides from Seichi, sleek low profile Slip-Ons from Lacoste, or shop dozens of alternatives from Tommy Jeans. Each style has a unique benefit, with some boasting sturdier weight, others capturing a light-footed appeal. Don't let multi-slides or sleek signature branded Slip-Ons escape your notice either, available in anything from red to white, blue, black, green, red and many more.

Once you've got your footwear sorted, cop some shorts, jeans or cargo pants and start building upward, moving on to a classic long sleeve tee for that casual street look, or otherwise picking up some headwear or accessories to style the look just how you want it.  

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