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Women's Button Up

The origins of a button up in a girl's wardrobe is a blurry one, did it appear after being taxed on date night sleepovers one too many times? Or did the fashion deity's deign it time to be introduced? Either way, it's old news. Button ups for women are effectively an ace up your sleeve for any occasion or event, easily dressed up or down how you like, and incredibly effective at it as well. A long sleeve, untucked button up over shorts or leggings is a gold standard look for the weekend, while more firm fitting button ups can add multitudes of class. 

At Culture Kings, we stock the variety you're looking for, including shirts from big brands like Champion with more always on the horizon. Available in black, white, navy and more, as well as short or long crop, we're certain you'll find something for you.  Once you have your 'fit foundation sorted with a button up as a basis, it's time to build it out, taking advantage of either jeansleggingspantsaccessories or headwear to refine the look however you like. If you’re on the fence with how to make it unique, head over to our looks or bundles pages to get some inspiration. 

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