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Aminé Live In Brisbane 😍

Aminé Live In Brisbane 😍

Last Thursday night, rapper Aminé performed live at Brisbane's MET Theatre during his series of Groovin The Moo sideshows. This is Aminé's second last performance in Australia and he absolutely killed it! Aminé came to visit the Melbourne Culture Kings store for a meet & greet last week and to pick up some fresh threads. 

The opening set of the night was  Genesis Owusu, hip-hop act from Canberra, who warmed the crowd up before Aminé opened with 'Baba'. Wearing his tye-dye tour merch tee and tour jeans, Aminé explained that these jeans had patches that were sewn on at each city the tour visits. 

Aminé performed with a live band which added a dope backing to his set. Through the performance, Aminé wanted to make sure the crowd felt good about themselves; when he yelled 'You're beautiful!' the crowd replied with 'I know'. 


During 'Track Campfire', Aminé had the audience reciting the 'that's my lil' bitch' part of the hook with heaps of enthusiasm. 'REDMERCEDES' was also an absolute banger and the crowd couldn't get enough. 

Never one to conform to expectations, Aminé followed his track 'Spice Girl' with 'If You Wanna Be My Lover' by the real Spice Girls. For arguably his biggest track 'Caroline', Aminé started off acapella before the band came in and the audience was lit up with phone torches. 

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