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Be The Change

You are not human if you don't feel the deep, blood-boiling rage of pure injustice that the black community has faced and continues to face. This must stop now.

We feel so closely influenced and guided by the sport and music culture that is led by African Americans and are therefore making a stand to take action on anti-racism, equality, police brutality and violence both in America and right here in Australia.

To stand in solidarity with African Americans and Australia's Indigenous community, we're going all in to support the #blacklivesmatter movement this Saturday, 6th June.

In addition to our first steps taken for action, we will be donating 100% of all profits from all stores and online towards this cause. Donations will be split between Black Lives MatterANTaR and Campaign Zero.

All stores will be open until 6pm (Chadstone until 7pm & Southport until 5:30pm) and you can shop online up until midnight knowing 100% of profit from your purchase will be supporting this cause.

It is our individual responsibility to educate, both ourselves and others, and spread global awareness of the ongoing challenges the Black and Indigenous communities continue to face.

Take action and go all in with us this Saturday.

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