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Best Aussie DJs RN

Best Aussie DJs RN

The world of EDM is constantly evolving and changing as new genres of electronic music come into play. Australia has had some huge success with DJs, such as Tigerlily, Flume and Nervo playing sold-out shows internationally, but let's talk about some of the best up and coming Aussie DJs of the moment. Don't forget that we have live DJs spinning tracks in every CK store!

Willaris K
Willaris K is 23 from Northern NSW and is all about big euro synths. Check out Dour Nights below and then listen to his debut track 'Alchemy'. 

James Pepper AU
This 20-year-old is from Eastern Sydney and produces some more chilled out tracks, perfect for house parties. 


Anthony Fade
Brendan and Mikey are behind the name 'Anthony Fade' and are super into layering that underground sound.  


There are two Sydney guys behind 'Sonderr' and they create a much more chill, lo-fi house sound.

Whether it be jungle vibes, weird and innovative sampling, or synth-heavy productions, Byron Bay’s Nutrition is one that manages to hit the spot regardless what he’s feeling like pumping out in the studio.

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