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Creep The Best And Worst Dressed Celebs From The BBMAs

Creep The Best And Worst Dressed Celebs From The BBMAs

The Billboard Music Awards has come and gone but the fashion, as always, lives on. Let's recap who nailed it and who missed the mark! 

Guys, don't worry, we recapped the best and worst of the men as well



Can J.Lo ever do any wrong? This outfit is the perfect mix of 'award show appropriate' and classy. It also helps that she is just that goddamn hot. 

Mila Kunis

Mila looks adorable with her bangs and mini skirt! This is a classic look and the detail on the skirt in addition to the cutout shoulder gives it just enough to be cool enough for the red carpet. 


Internet users unanimously agreed that Normani won the outfit game at the BBMAs and we couldn't agree more. She looks smoking and very ready for the red carpet. 


This dress is the perfect cut and fit for Ciara and the colour compliments her skin tone beautifully. It's not like Ciara ever looks bad, but we are very happy with this dress choice. 


Janet Jackson

I'm not really sure what's going on here. It's quirky and fun, I'll give you that, but the full, ballgown skirt with a brown belt? Not sold. 

Christina Aguleria

I get where she was going with this, but unfortunately, I don't think Ciara quite pulled off this look. It's very suit-like which is a cool concept, but the cut of the dress and the train throw it off. 


I love Ke$ha as much as the next person, but I really am not a fan of this look. What exactly is going on here? Ke$ha is a beautiful lady, but this dress gives her no shape. It's a no from me. 



I don't really understand what's happening here. I have so many questions, but the predominant one is a resounding 'WHY?!' 

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