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Rich Brian Live In Brisbane!

Rich Brian Live In Brisbane!

Rich Brian, 18-year-old rapper from Indonesia is currently on his debut Australian and New Zealand Tour and played his first gig at Wickham on Saturday, May 19. Best known for his viral debut single 'Dat $tick' that went gold, Rich Brian is doing the Australian rounds with Indonesian singer Niki.

The night started with Sydney based DJ Shantan Wantan Ichiban hyping the crowd with a dope high energy set. Shantan continued to DJ for Rich Brian's whole set, which included hits like 'Gospel', 'Seventeen', 'Bankroll', 'Glow Like Dat', 'Who That Be' and 'Dat $tick'. 

Rich Brian interacted a bunch with the crowd and asked how they were. The crowd was screaming for him to 'do a shoey' throughout the performance; at one stage he took off his shoe but put it back on saying he "wasn't gonna do that shit". 
The production had visuals in the background on screens that included self-portraits of Rich Brian and some funny photos. He kept his outfit simple with all black and a black bomber jacket, accessorised with an '88Rising' gold chain representing his current label. 
The crowd went crazy when he performed 'Glow Like Dat' and were even more hyped when he closed with 'Dat $tick' which they rapped word for word with him. After he closed, the crowd chanted "one more song" which led to Rich Brian performing Dat $tick again for the encore. 
Overall, the general vibe was that he performed a dope set for such an early-career artist and the biggest criticism was that the performance was simply too short. 

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