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Chance The Doctor?!

Chance The Doctor?!

Chance The Rapper has picked himself up an honorary doctorate degree, meaning technically he is now a doctor by title. Dillard University landed Chance the Rapper to give the latest crop of graduates from the HBCU some words of wisdom on Saturday morning. 

“Where you walk right up to the edge of what your heroes have accomplished and think to yourself, ‘What’s beyond this? I don’t know. I’m scared to go on,’” Chance said to the graduating class. “And that’s also when you cannot stop. Living up to your heroes is amazing, but it’s not good enough.”

Chance then talked about Beyoncé. “Beyoncé had Mike,” Chance said. “Mike didn’t have Mike. Mike had James Brown. James Brown had Cab Calloway, and so on, and so on. Right now, the greatest performer who ever lived might very well be in this audience. And that person has something Beyoncé never had. They got Beyoncé. And so you have the greatest performance of all time—to watch, to study, to learn from it, but not to replicate it. To surpass it.”

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