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J. Prince Says Drake Could Have Ended Kanye and Pusha T

J. Prince Says Drake Could Have Ended Kanye and Pusha T

J. Prince, CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records, has been out and about promoting his new book 'The Art & Science of Respect'. Through his interviews, J. Prince was asked a tonne of questions about the Drake v. Pusha T beef considering he was allegedly the one that contacted Drake and urged him not to respond to Pusha's track 'The Story of Adidion'. 

J. Prince said "Well, I don't know about Lil Wayne, but [Drake] definitely was cocked and loaded. He definitely was ready to fire and I would say this, me and Kanye had spoke. I don't think he would mind me stating we had a conversation. This could have been a career-ending situation where he's concerned and it also could have damaged, I think, a whole lot of livelihoods."

When he was asked if he meant the track would have ruined West's career, he replied: "For sure, I feel like he would have been twisted with this one," he said. "Wouldn't have been good for Pusha either." 

Check out the interview below at around the 14 minute mark. 


This Friday, Kanye and Kid Cudi's collaborative project is set to drop and Drake's album 'Scorpion' is due out sometime this June. 

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