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Kevin Durant Says He Was A 'Phony' In Oklahoma

Kevin Durant Says He Was A 'Phony' In Oklahoma

FOX Sports NBA insider Chris Broussard claims that Kevin Durant believes that his nine years in Seattle and Oklahoma City was him being a "phony". Broussard said: "Durant texted me and said, 'the guy you see now is the real me. The guy in Oklahoma City was the phony—I was just trying to please everybody and do what I thought everybody wanted me to do. 

He went on to say: "He's a conflicted guy. There's a part of him that's religious. He has ministers come visit him and hang out with him during the season. Then there's a big part of him that's doing things that don't match up with his faith. He was engaged a few years ago. His fiancee broke up with him, she said he stopped living like a Christian. And I've talked to him about that. He's conflicted in that regard with who he is in terms of that. And then on the court...the guy we saw in Oklahoma City was not cursing all the time, was not being as aggressive in terms of arguing and maybe fighting with guys or getting technicals."


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