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Lakers Fans Have Over 40 Billboards To Recruit LeBron & George

Lakers Fans Have Over 40 Billboards To Recruit LeBron & George

Free agency in the NBA doesn't begin until Saturday night, but some fans have taken campaigning for their favourites to a whole new level. ESPN reported that attorney Jacob Emrani has put up over 40 billboards in LA to get Paul George to join the Lakers.

In March, he had four billboards to convince LeBron James to the Lakers Several billboards will go up on Monday and stay until the end of July. He said: "As Lakers fans, we all thought we had Paul George in the bag, and he was 100 percent going to come and in the past few weeks when I heard people saying he might be considering [staying with the Thunder] and having second thoughts, I felt like nobody was really giving attention to Paul George... it is extremely important for Paul George to see this and see how Lakers Nation is so excited about bringing him home."

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