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Lakers' Owner Talks Signing LeBron

Lakers' Owner Talks Signing LeBron

When LeBron James announced he was joining the Los Angeles Lakers, most NBA fans were losing their shit. There were, however, a few that weren't too happy with the decision, especially fans of Kobe Bryant. Now, Lakers' owner Jeannie Buss has discussed his move to LA.

On The Rich Eisen Show, Buss said: "They're not Laker fans if they're not happy about LeBron joining the team. There was some unrest and some uneasiness, and I just think those were troublemakers that don't get it. I think Los Angeles is gonna be very proud of the way that LeBron will represent the Lakers team. And they're gonna fall in love with him, too."

LeBron James signed a four-year max deal, so the fans had better get used to him being around.  

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