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LeBron Praises Coaches For Blazers Defeat

LeBron Praises Coaches For Blazers Defeat

After the Los Angeles took home a 114-110 win against the Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday, LeBron praised the LA coaching staff for the win, following reports that coach Luke Walton was "admonished" in a meeting about the team's slow start.

"I mean, it's great to win, period," LeBron said, ESPN reports. "Listen, coaching staff put us in a position to win, and it's up to us to go up and execute. Luke can care less about what's going on outside. We could as well. I'm the last person to ask about scrutiny or anything of that nature. So none of that stuff matters to me. The only thing that matters to me is what goes on inside this locker room, both home and away."

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