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LeBron Says The Lakers Have "A Long Way To Go"

LeBron Says The Lakers Have "A Long Way To Go"

In his first press conference with the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron answered a heap of questions about how his new team will perform in the upcoming season.Β 

"We got a long way to go to get to Golden State," James said. "They can pick up right where they left off, starting with training camp. ... We are picking up from scratch so we got a long way to go. We can't worry about what Golden State is doing. ... They've been together for a few years now."Β 

"We are all new to each other, we have to take our bumps and our bruises. There are going to be good times and bad times. If we continue to work the process and continue to sacrifice for one another and put in the commitment and time to being great, everything else will fall into place."

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