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NBA Finals: Are The Cavs Doomed To Repeat Last Year?

NBA Finals: Are The Cavs Doomed To Repeat Last Year?

We're in the midst of Game 2 of the NBA finals, watching LeBron James attempting to carry the Cavs to victory. Both teams are reeling from the aftermath of game 1, so it will be interesting to see how they both perform in this second game.  

Currently at halftime, the second game sits at 59 to 46 to Golden State, however, the start was looking ominous for the Warriors, making their first seven field goal attempts to explode to a 15-6 lead in the first four minutes.

What happens if the Cavaliers lose this game?

If the Cavs don't take home the win today, they could be doomed to repeat last season where they lost the first three games to Golden State, took home a win in game four but ultimately cemented themselves as the lesser team of 2017 with a final loss in the final game. 

LeBron James was named as part of the All-NBA First Team to rep the Cavs back in May, and it seems that the responsibility to lift the Cavaliers up to get a win rests on his shoulders. 

Last week saw one of the most intense NBA Finals openers, with Cleveland Cavalier's guard J.R. Smith botching up his rebound play, taking the final score from 107-107 to 124-114 in overtime. 

The look LeBron gave Smith after he ruined their chance of victory made its rounds as a meme. 




Stay tuned for all the latest in the finals, and check out all the dates and times of the games right here.  

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