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Russell Westbrook On Steph Curry: Who Is He?

Russell Westbrook On Steph Curry: Who Is He?

Back-to-back NBA MVP Stephen Curry picked James Harden as this year's MVP over Russell Westbrook earlier in the week on The Dan Patrick Show.

In a response interview in Toronto, Westbrook responded to Curry's prediction saying he doesn't really care what anyone says about who could win MVP.

“Has anyone told you Curry shared his opinion that it should be Harden because of where the Rockets are in the standings?” asked the reporter.

“I don’t care,” Westbrook said. “It don’t matter what he say. Who is he?”

We're not quite sure if Westbrook meant it in a 'who is he to say?' kind of way but it was probably taken as an insult.

Watch the interview below.

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