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Snapchat Spectacles: Now You Can Have Them Too

Snapchat Spectacles: Now You Can Have Them Too

The highly sought-out Snapchat Spectacle's are now available to buy online from the Spectacles website.

We first got our hands on a pair of Specs at the start of the year but they weren't yet available to the public to buy, until now. 

Initially, the Specs were only available from a pop-up mobile vending machine. The Bot, as it's called, was placed in a new, mystery location every 48 hours. The only way to find out where the Bot would pop up was on the Spectacles website

Now it's as easy as selecting your colour, black, coral or teal, and adding it to your cart.

The glasses retail at $129.99 USD.

Stay tuned on our Snapchat accounts to watch CK life through the Snapchat Spectacles lens. 

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