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Fans Think XXXTentacion Is Alive?!

Fans Think XXXTentacion Is Alive?!

It was only two weeks ago that XXXTentacion tragically passed in a botched robbery, however, some fans think he faked his own death. These rumours have been fuelled by the intensity of his latest music video where he attends his own funeral, leading to speculation that the rapper is still alive. 

The theory that has gained the most traction is from Twitter user @vasinvain, who puts forward his case that XXX fakes his own death for  “the amount of conspiracy in his life along with the overwhelming fame” or to promote a new single possibly titled ‘No Pulse’. Check it out for yourself. 



In the thread, he notes that a video from the crime scene had “no blood, no shattered glass, no bullet holes."

Also popular on the internet is a video from last August, where XXX appears to take his own life. It was then revealed that this was a publicity stunt to promote his latest video. Fans are wondering if this may be a similar scenario. 

The final theory going around is that XXX predicted his own passing. In the last Instagram Live he did before his death, he said: “If worse thing comes to worst, and I fucking die or some shit and I’m not able to see out my dreams, I at least want to know that the kids perceived my message and were able to make something of themselves and able to take my message and use it and turn it into something positive and to at least have a good life. 

“If I’m going to die or ever be a sacrifice, I want to make sure that my life made at least five million kids happy or they found some sort of answers or resolve in my life regardless of the negative around my name, regardless of the bad things people say to me.”




XXX‘s lawyer, David Bogenschutz, has also claimed that he told XXX to increase his personal security as he was "past the point of being a kid making melodies on a street corner."

Although there are many theories going around, XXX's death was ultimately confirmed by both law enforcement and his family, so it is unlikely that these rumours will turn out to be anything more than just that; rumours. 

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