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Ladies, It's Almost Time To Cop Some Thunder Electrics

Ladies, It's Almost Time To Cop Some Thunder Electrics

Don't worry ladies, Puma didn't forget about you. The killer kick that is the Puma Thunder Electric is returning to ignite your passion and power in two dope colourways perfect for winter. Get ready for June 28 at 6pm CDT to get your hands on a pair!

Following the release of the men's Puma Electric, this brand new arrival to Culture Kings in 2018 is ready to elevate your street style from casual to cool. These retro, McQueen-inspired trainers feature colour-contrasting, a thick, multi-layered midsole and bold, blown-up proportions while remaining effortless and comfortable.

Cop yours in a grey x purple or a grey x blue colourway to make any outfit 100 times more dope! 

Puma Thunder Electric

Puma Thunder Electrics

Puma Thunder Electrics

Get ready for 6pm CDT to get your own online

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