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Shots Fired At Kanye By Drake

Shots Fired At Kanye By Drake

Drake's highly anticipated 'Scorpion' was only released a week ago where he confirmed the existence of his son, but Link Up TV got Drizzy back in the studio to record a freestyle that turned into a diss track against Yeezy.

Although the beef between Pusha T and Drake is reportedly over, in the first verse Drake raps: “I know so much shit that I cannot expose / I keep it inside and I laugh on my own.” This could be referencing his shelved diss track in response to 'The Story of Adidon', which J Prince claimed would have ended both Pusha T and Kanye's careers

Drizzy then goes on to spit: “They wanna link when they got no chunes / They too worried about sellin’ out shoes / I don’t give a fuck about jeans or crap / Or going to Milan or going to the Met.”

Although not explicitly about Kanye, the references definitely paint a picture of Ye in both the fashion world and the fact that Drake's hook for 'Yikes' from 'Ye' was never credited. 

Check out the freestyle below and decide for yourself - is this a diss at Yeezy?


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